Online Shopping

What is your favorite online shopping store for yarns and supplies?

I don’t really have one favorite. It depends on the yarn I want, who has it, and who has it on sale if I’m not buying from the yarn store. But I generally look these places first.

Knitpicks (linked ad at top of page)
Paradise Fibers
Yarn Country
Yarn Market

Knitpicks is first on my list. I like their service and shipping speed. If they don’t have what I want, I’ll check other places like WEBS or Discontinued Brand Name Yarn.

the only online store I bought from with yarn is respectively the German online shop that sends out their yarn:

I am really happy with the quality and service as well as speed of delivery.

Without a doubt: [B]WEBS[/B] for yarn! Sometimes book and leaflets. Not usually for accessories. I’m all over the map for supplies and accessories.

Elann has good house yarn and great deals on other company’s yarns too. You have to sign up for a login now, but they don’t send you any email unless you sign up for their ‘sneak peeks’ which is only twice a month.

I just wanted to mention that the LYS I work for just opened a web store. I’m not really trying for free advertising, but I did want to mention we have a H U G E stock of Madelinetosh and Malabrigo… I know that both of those yarns are highly coveted, so just wanted to throw it out there.

(If this is any way inappropriate lemme know!!!)

Happy Knits

In no particular order, my 3 favorite places are: