Online shopping-knitting needles

Hi everyone,

I am new to knitting. I currently have size 8&10.5,13 regular needles and 6 and 9 circular needles. I wanted to really take your inputs if I need any other needles apart from these sizes which are most widely used.

I also would like to know if there is any other site which is cheap to buy yarn anytime during the year and also knitting needles.

I also want to know any online store which has a wide collection of yarn and offers good discounts.

Hi Daisybee, Welcome :waving: You can go on ebay and visit Jeff’s store I believe it’s wonderland. Theres also Their needles and yarn are wonderful and the prices and customer service are great. Also try for yarn and theres also webbs. There are links on this site to knit picks, elan and webbs. I’ve never shopped at webbs but many people rave about it.

Happy Knitting

Nadja xxx

The online sites have sales all the time. Generally in spring they’ll have specials on sock yarns, and the fall the sales will be on cotton and lightweight summer yarns.


I am offering straight knitting needles for sale of all different sizes and cheap too! They are in really great shape I just acquired way too many pairs. Take a look at my link:

Needles for sale

Jeff Wonderland seems to be having some problems lately
it took over a month (33 days) for me to get a single pair of circs i bought from him
but I have used him before and he was wonderful
I am not sure i will use him again until he has a good reference again