Online ordering

I have ONE LYS and they tend to have only some of the patterns and yarn I want. The husband guy is out of town and this mouse is having a ball with pattern ordering. I’ve found that Vermont Fiber Designs and Fiber Trends are wonderful patterns.

Now for the next step. From whom do you order yarn? There are soooo many out there if you Google, which ones do you all use most?


I love Knitpicks, they have great prices. I also buy yarn on eBay, too. Check out some of the links at the top of the pages on this site. They are great also, especially WEBS! :smiley:

I buy pretty much ALL of my yarn online. I’ve bought from:

KnitPicks ( Can’t beat their prices!

Yarn Market ( Good selection of yarn and I’ve found their prices to be very good.

Yarnzilla ( Great sales!

man, I had my reply all typed and as soon as I hit submit my network went down.grrr…

anyways, my favorite onlione stores to order yarn from are:

Kaleidoscope Yarns
Wool Needle Work

I was going to post the same ones Jax posted. :slight_smile:

Thanks!! I decided since I have these patterns coming and because some yarns come in hanks that will need to be balled…I ordered a swift and winder from JoAnns. I used the 50% off coupon so it wasn’t deadly.

I’m looking hard at the Knit Picks shine and worsted shine. I am having a really good time, lol.