One uneven edge....?

So, I’ve got about 3 different scarves going now, and each one of them has one uneven edge. As in, one side of the scarf has a pretty neat, straight edge and the other side is lumpy and wavy…

Any ideas of why this is happening? I just think it’s weird. :think:

If they’re in stockinette, it’s probably because you start either a knit row or purl row tighter.
If it’s not stockinette, what pattern are you using?

One of them is all garter, one alternating sections of garter and stockinette (that one actually has the neatest edges), and one is k3,p3 across each row (not a rib).

Which edge are you referring to? Is it the cast-on edge or one of the side edges?

If it’s the cast on edge, you may have started out knitting more tightly or it may be that your tension when casting on was uneven. This is really easy to do when you first start knitting and it takes some practice to get it even.

If it’s one of the sides, after you finish the row and turn your work, when you insert your needle into the first stitch in the next row, give your working yarn a gentle tug. This should even up the stitches on the edges. Usually both edges on a piece of knitting tend to look a bit sloppy, but :shrug: