One Thing I LOVE About This Forum

I just have to say, I love that KH doesn’t have TOOOOOO many subforum categories…as many forums do. It can get so complicated you wouldn’t know whether to post in the sock forum, whatcha knitting forum or lace forum for example, if you had just finished some adorably lacey socks, as I just have


Anyway, just wanted to shout out to the mods! Great work you guys!

The administrators and moderators feel the same way. I think we are probably done with adding forums. This is just right!! And thank you! :hug:

Oh, I SOOOO agree. I’m on another site (parenting one) and there are TONS of subforums. A couple days ago I wanted to post something, and wasn’t sure where to put it because it could have gone in 5 different sections.

Hmmmm, maybe you’re on the same parenting site that I am. It has TONS of categories to begin with, and then most of them have oodles of little sub-categories. So annoying.

I like that about KH as well.

I have to admit that I think that Ravelry is going to need to monitor the creation of their Forums and groups somehow.

There are the most ridiculous groups that are forming: Knitters who Love Mike Rowe, DItty Bop fans, Knitters who love the Closer, Knitters who love Vampire Chronicles and Dracula, and Knitters who love Monty Python are just a few of sillier ones I’ve seen. What ever do you talk about in a group like that? I guess I figure if you like Mike Rowe you can hang out at a TLC fansite, not a knitting board, but what do I know?

(I hope I haven’t offended any of you KHers who also are Ravelrying and are on one of those boards!)

Anyway, that’s why I hang out here and just do research on patterns and yarns on Ravelry.


I have too agree, too many forums makes it harder to keep up. Another knitting site I know has way too many categories and I finally stopped visiting there. This site is just right!!!:yay:

And no offense, I’m not on Ravelry yet, but I might have to check out the “Knitters Who Love Mike Rowe” when I finally get my invite!! :heart:

Yeah, there’s one I’ve stopped going to because there’s sooo many forums and they don’t have the convenient `find posts since your last vist’ link, which is what I use to keep track of posts. I was only looking at 3 or 4 of the boards anyway. Their search feature is lousy too, can’t find anything or it times out.

When you get in, check me out Cinnamon_Girl - I’m in the Mike Rowe group! I couldn’t help but join! Nice pictures of him in there, too! :teehee:

I love the people! Even though I don’t knit a whole lot right now, I still visit everyday and hang out in the OT section!

I have to respectfully disagree. You don’t have to join any group you don’t want to. There are the 6 main forums (Patterns, Yarn, Techniques, For the Love of, Needlework on the Net and Remnants). The only other forums you will see are ones from groups you choose to join. You are in charge of what you see.

And I am in the Mike Rowe group BTW. He is yummylicious and so funny! :teehee:

Just my 2 cents! :slight_smile:

Oh and I do agree about KH having a nice set up forums! :thumbsup:

:hug::grphug: I do so love this place and the people in it.

I love this place because when I ask a question, nobody makes me feel [SIZE=1]this big [SIZE=2]for not knowing the answer, people here are always there with the shoulder to lean on if you need it and the size of the site is perfect as it is right now![/SIZE][/SIZE]

I think the main reason people join the groups is to get the button on their profile, showing what their interests are.

I’ve been on here long enough to remember when there were about half as many forums. I remember the “great debate” as to whether to add an “Off topic” forum. there was a concern from many of us that it would turn into a cesspool of hatred as happens with many craft OT forums. I’m happy to see that this forum has remained fairly stable, happy and helpful! :cheering:

Yep! I’m on the tea lover’s group, the Harry Potter group and a few others just to show my interest. The only one on Ravelry that I participate on regularly is the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) group as I do fiber arts in that organization as well.

I love KH too! It’s so simple to use, and y’all are just a wonderful group of people! Thanks to everyone who participates! :muah: