One stitch short?!

Help! I’m knitting a baby sweater with sock yarn. It’s a Black Purl pattern called: “Sock it to me Baby”. Anyway, I started with the back, followed the pattern (I thought) exactly… I’m at a point where I’ve done the decrease rows and it now says “work even on 70 stiches until piece measures 9 1/4 inches”…problem is that I have only 69 stitches.

I see three options:

A. Work backwards until I find my mistake (I hope not)?
B. Work even on 69 stitches
C. Figure out how to make another stitch and simply move ahead

What should I do??

Just increase one stitch and you’ll be fine. If it was me, I’d increase one somewhere in the middle because I like symmetry, but increases one stitch at the beginning of a row would probably be more invisible. Whichever you prefer, and you’ll be the only one who knows anyways!

I second. One stitch is not going to make any difference in the finished piece. You [I]could[/I] even keep going with 69 stitches, but that would bug me, so I would increase like knitqueen suggested

If you can’t spot your dropped stitch, I bet I know where it is!
This has happened to me! I dropped the very end-of-the-row stitch. Just didn’t knit it! It just kinda rolls over and hangs there. Take a look at all your edges and see if you can spot it!

And now I realize…I don’t know if you were knitting a pattern that has yarn overs. That is also a common “missing stitch”…when you forget to do a yarn over.

Whenever I am knitting something that has yarnovers…I do a “head count” at the end of every working row…To make sure everyone is still on board! If someone is missing, I check those yarn overs first!:wall:

I bound off an extra stitch when I did my arm hole (that’s why they look uneven!) I’ve decided to march on - I’m not going all the way back (maybe I’m lazy…but a sweater with sock yarn takes long enough!) I’ll fudge it when I shape the neck.

Thank you for such quick replies!! This place is great!