One Stitch Less

Still haven’t frogged the bag … HOWEVER I am close … I’m quite far up doing a knit row and see I have 99 st … in another post sue said:

Instead of using a YO for an increase unless you want the hole, use another increase - kfb, M1, MLL/MLR. Look these up under Increases on the Basic Techniques tab.

I can’t seem to find those terms on that page … can anyone explain? I did a yo increase last time and ended up with a hole so sue said this one wouldn’t produce the hole … or I may have to take out this row as I know my last row of k1 p1 was fine … somehow I lost one … and my lifeline is way down and I had planned to put one after this row.


Toby it’s here in the Increase section. I guess I got the terminology wrong - it’s M1L/M1R or KLL/KRL for two different types of increases. Kfb is there too, under Bar Increase.