One Standing Repeat Scarf

So I was admiring the scarf of a knitter at my LYS and HAD to buy the yarn to make me a holiday scarf, too. Two happy, funky, out-there colors :woot: held together in a simple purl one row-knit two pattern on baseball bats (17s).

Well, it got kind of boring real quick :wall:, so I decided to lay it down and knit one pattern repeat each time I passed by it! Fold some laundry–knit a repeat–put clothes away–knit a repeat–pet the cat–knit a repeat. And, since I spend a lot of time sitting on my arse knitting xxx, I did each repeat while standing (just passing by :teehee: ) hence the name: One Standing Repeat Scarf. :eyebrow:

The picture doesn’t really do the color justice. It’s actually much, much brighter than the pic :roflhard:

great idea to motivate yourself!!!

you are going to love that scarf in the dead of winter when spring seems soooo far away. Then the colors will cheer you up. :sun: