One skein?

What might be a nice project to use for one hank (440 yards) of laceweight alpaca? Something maybe that can be draped over the shoulders (maybe a mini-shawl-type project) to feel that yummy softness and warmth?

on the Lion brand site I saw this piece that lays on your neck, either under a shirt or jacket to add extra warmth. it isn’t as large as a shawl but it probably would work with your yarn.

It was called a Neck Warmer, I think

Oooooo look at this! I found it through a link on Knitter’s Review! You can choose shawl patterns based on yardage!

:cheering: Yay!!! Wow! Who knew something like this existed??? What a helpful way to sort patterns! Thanks Jan!!!

That’s FANTASTIC Jan! I already found just the shawl I’ve been looking for: Aunt Phebe’s Comfort Shawl, simple but lacy. Great site! :cheering:

Glad to help! :thumbsup: