One skein wonder

How to use 3 dpn needles for armhole of baby sweater?
Can you help.I am new to knitting.

Have you looked at the video for using dpns on the Advanced Techniques page? If you have, what do you need to know more specifically?

Why, I just finished one sleeve and am starting the second on a baby cardigan, yes, on DPNs.

I have holes to sew up in the first arm, but I hear that’s common.

It is. I just did a baby sweater sleeve and had a time with them, even though I know several tricks. I think I got them closed up with the tail.

To try to answer the question - it depends on your pattern. Mine is a top-down raglan, so my instructions said, put 38 stitches on waste yarn, cast on 8 and keep going - then when I got to the sleeves, I divided the stitches on the waste yarn between two needles, and picked up those 8 [B]plus one more on either side of the cast-on[/B] on a third needle. Then it was knit a round, re-distribute the stitches, and keep going.

I thought I had holes on the first sleeve, but when I pulled the yarn tail from starting the sleeve, it closed up. I wove in the tail on the second sleeve as I knitted (hold tail as I knit the first stitch, pull it tight and hold doubled with working yarn for about four stitches then drop it) and there’s no holes there either. I think that was because of the extra stitches picked up, but if your directions don’t say to do it, it could throw off a pattern or a stitch count.

Or is the question about how to use DPNs? I was scared of them to start with, but they’re not that hard - you’re actually just working with one of the needles with stitches at a time, and all you have to watch for is tension on the stitches at the beginning and end of the needles so you don’t have a ladder of really really loose stitches.