"One Skein Wonder" Shrug This confusion

This is my first “real post” to the board. I’ve learned so much from watching the videos and from reading the other posts - thanks to all of you!

I wanted to make a simple shrug to wear over a sleeveless dress and “Shrug This” from the book [I]One Skein Wonders[/I] seemed to fit the bill as a nice-looking shrug that was within my skill range. Here’s a link to the pattern from the OSW web page:

I understand the pattern up to the “Finishing the Sleeves” section. It says: Continue as established for 3 rows … I’m not sure if this means “do row 1, row 2 and row 1” from the “Beginning the Raglan Shaping” section. Row 1 is the increase row and row 2 is the purl row. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to continue increasing while I’m finishing the sleeve or not.

Thanks for any advice. And, thanks again for a great site.

Yes, the way I read it is you should repeat row 1 and then row2 and then row 1 again as established in the body – the only change is that when you knit your sleeve stitches make sure your are doing a k1 p1 rib pattern.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for checking. It’s really thrilling that I can even be thinking about knitting a sweater!