One Skein Secret Pal Exchange

I ran across this on a LJ community I read, and though it was worth mentioning here.

Wow, that is cool! I may have to join up :slight_smile:

That looks very intriguing!! They keep thinking of more and more knit-along ideas, huh! :wink:

I am thinking about joining as well…or maybe we should do something like that.

i would totally dig that if it was something we did on here.

It makes so much sense for us to do it there is nobody else I would rather exchange yarn with than anyone on this forum!!! :cheering:

I agree! Let’s do it here! :thumbsup:

OK,now we just have to figure out how we will do it . :thumbsup:

Sounds very interesting. I don’t know much about different skeins as I am new, but it would give me the chance to learn about some great ones! I’d be interested if it was set up here on the boards!


PS If someone wanted to set it up, it would be rather easy imo, could just take the information they are collecting and make a post here with it, and then have someone that would take all the emails as people wanted to sign up, by taking the questions from here and emailing them to the setup person. Or I might be able to create a form on a website and have it mailed directly to that person. Let me know if you guys want some help as I am a graphic designer and can do website and such.

I am very new to computers and forums and all that so anyone who knows what they are doing feel free to take control I do not know where to start! :??

I’ll play around on dreamweaver and see if I can’t get a form up to make it easy. I have my neice and nephew for a couple of hours so it wont be until this evening that I can play. :slight_smile:


we may want to clear it with the Mods and Amy first to make sure it is okay. i can’t imagine that they would object but there could be very logical reasons for them to decide it isn’t a good idea.

Yeah absolutely!

i PMd Kelly

If the mods/Amy approve it, it sounds like fun to me! :smiley:

I agree, I thought it sounded like fun, but would much rather do it here where we can share pix and thank you’s much easier… Maybe the pix and thank you’s could be a blog, that way we wouldn’t have to make up secret email addresses.

You mean I would have to part with a precious skein of yarn from my stash? :shock: I might have to go BUY something (or many somethings) to exchange. :wink: :blush:

Count me in once it is set up! How fun! :cheering:

i would think that we would have to put a price range on it…i would hate to send out some Lion and Lamb and get some Sugar n Cream (yeah that’s extreme) and vice versa. hmmm…maybe that could be a question in the questionaire…“What price range are you comfortable with?”

i shudder at the thought of having to knit something for someone too! My family is impressed by my work but they don’t knit…ya’ll would know how bad i really am! :rofling:

yeah I think a price range is a good idea too… My LYS doesn’t carry alot to choose from either basically just plymouth…so I’d prolly have to order from an online site… I don’t know alot of the yarns ya’ll mention either… they carry alot of Plymouth and some brown sheep & Co

:rofling: no knitter can see Roo’s dress up close I know where the mistakes are but I don’t wanna be told where they are :roflhard: I did show it to my LYS inst. cause she went through the difficult times with me she was just so happy that I got it done lol…

that is so cool!! I would definitely consider being a part of it!!


The knewbie knitter