One skein of shine sport

in cherry! i love the color, what do i do with it? make some really red wash cloths?:heart:

Hmmm. Just one? You can’t do much with just one. I think you should send it to me. :slight_smile:

suuuuuure… let me find it… hmmm looks like it’s hiding :wink:


So it’s about 100 yds… :think: It would make some pretty holiday dishcloths! Have to think on this if you want something else…

You could try this little head scarf! Or this pretty lace headband! Or even a Calorimetry. I just made one with a dk weight yarn that turned out really well. And since it’s a solid color, when you are done you could sew on some different colored buttons across the top of it! I saw somone on craftster who made one in a solid yarn with some cute bright buttons scattered about and it was adorable!

Or perhaps these beaded cuffs? Ooooh, these are cute too! As someone who itches at the thought of wool on my wrists, I would love cotton wristlets :lol: Not that that was a hint to make them for me or anything, hee.

thanks for all the awesome suggestions… i was thinking maybe saarjte’s booties… they are cute. i wonder if i have enough to make them fit my dd?

Oh those booties would be adorable! I don’t know how much yarn they take though. A head band is also a good idea.