One-row buttonhole help

Hi! I just finished the one-row button tutorial on my vest, and I loved it! Now I have turned my work and halfway through knitting the next row over the buttonhole area I notice I made mistakes on the buttonholes and will need to redo them. I am an inexperienced knitter and don’t want to mess this up. So, do I need to rip out the entire row before the buttonhole row on the project, all the way around from beginning to end? Or is it possible to just rip back to the beginning of the buttonhole area? I know how to rip out a stitch at a time for regular knit, but I have no idea how to rip back the buttonhole area without messing up the stitches underneath, since I don’t understand really the dynamics of the stitches so clearly in order to redo them backwards, so to speak. I thank you in advance for your help. Maybe there is a video on how to rip out this type of stitch? If you need more details or a better explanation, let me know. Thanks!

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
You’ll need to rip out the row that’s half completed and then rip out the next row (the buttonhole row) back to the first buttonhole or the first buttonhole with the mistake. You’ll be ok if you follow the sts and move the yarn. You’ll need to tease out that last bound off stitch but the rest should be straightforward.
You may find that it’s easier to catch the sts if you rip out one more row but it shouldn’t be necessary.