One piece baby sweater question

I am doing this pattern, , and have seen it on here before. I am working on the size 12 months though and when I am all done with the raglan shaping and getting ready to start the dividing row part of the pattern, I counted my stitches and ended up with 167 instead of the 158 the pattern says I should have. I was curious if anyone else had this problem or if I ended up adding on extra stitches on accident. I tried to do the math to see if I made a mistake or not and if I did it right I figured I should have 166 stitches, but my brain is full of cobwebs when it comes to math.

Anyway, can anyone let me know if I need to frog part of this or if they have had the same thing happen? Thanks!

I had a problem with the math on that sweater, also, when I started making the second size. It works for the 6 mo size, but the math seems to be wrong for the larger sizes. I’d just leave it.

Sorry it took me this long to respond, our computer fan died on us and so we can’t use our computer at home until our new fan arrives.

Thank goodness I wasn’t imagining it, I have thought before a pattern might have the wrong numbers, but then after I have slept on it I discovered it was because I was too tired to read it correctly. :doh:

When you say leave it, do you mean you would just try to adjust the rest of the numbers, or should I start over and do the 6 month size instead. I’m not very good at the math part, but I might be able to figure it out if I really focus on it. Thank you!

If you’re down to the body part, there’s really no more adjusting of numbers. It will be just a few stitches bigger around–not a problem for a baby sweater, really.