One Piece Baby Kimono from Mason-Dixon Knitting

So, I am actually getting around to another little project…
I’m doing the aforementioned kimono. I was curious… when you cast on extra stitches to begin increasing…do you usually get sort of a looser stitch or two at the beginning of the increased row(s)?
I kinda don’t like working those 3 stitches I have to increase at the beginning of the rows. You use the backward loop method which is really easy to stretch out of kilter…

I haven’t made this particular one, but when I’ve cast on extra stitches, I do find that the first one is a bit separated. I try to make a point of being tight on the next row, and it it’s going to be seamed, I don’t worry about it.

Thanks Ngrd!
I kind talked to myself about it too saying seaming will hide it. I do notice it’s easier and neater on the knit rows. The pattern says you can opt for garter or St st…i’m doin’ St, so the purl row is looser at the beginning.
Have I told anyone lately I hate purling… well, not always, but for this I do. I am so anal about the fact that the purl side has spots that are kinda seperated in some rows. It’s Peaches&Cream (wallymart) cotton so it’s sort of casual anyway… but still! i’ve gotten so picky on myself!
Thanks again… maybe someday I’ll get my own computer back and be able to post pics to prove I actually make stuff!