One pattern, two different sweaters

A friend asked me to knit a sweater for a baby soon to be arriving in Florida. I wanted to make it in cotton, so I started with the smaller one using Jo Sharpe Soho Summer yarn. It was way to small–going to the preemies.
The white one was knit with the exact same pattern, but with Sugar & Cream cotton. What a difference gauge makes! The basic pattern was this one but I added the bear in the back. My friend is supposed to pick up buttons, so that’s why they’re not on yet.

I love the bear on the back! They’re cute and that little one seems so little. :shock:

Really really cute! :smiley:

Just out of curiosity, what were the gauges of those two sweaters?? I’m just always amazed how the seemingly smallest variance in gauge can make such a difference in an end product.

The white one is 18 over 4" and the small one is 23 over 4" . The small one is made with dk weight, and the white is worsted. Size 6 needles vs size 8.

I love the tiny one, too. It’s so cute. It might fit a regular newborn for the first day or so after it was born :wink: , but I think a preemie would get more use out of it.

It just seems so tiny when you’re told that the white one is a “normal sized” baby sweater.

I would put the bigger one at 3-6 mos size. Babies ARE small, I think we forget how small they are!

Very cute! :thumbsup:

Very cute! I love the bears!

I love the bears and the way you added stripes and the coloring around the edges.Gives me some new ideas thanks .These are just darling :wink:

Those came out adorable! How did you like working with Sugar and Cream? I never would have considered it for clothing!

So precious!!!

It wasn’t bad at all! The blue was softer than the white for some reason. Compared to the Jo Sharpe cotton it seemed rough to me, but I had my daughter feel it and she said it felt like cotton sweaters you get from the store, so it should be ok. I’m sure it will get softer with washing, too.

Thanks for the nice words, everyone!

They look great, Ingrid! I love the bears on the back.

Very nice sweaters, Ingrid.

I :heart: :inlove: :heart: LOVE :inlove: :inlove: LOVE them…too, too cute, Ing-A-Ling…you ARE the Knitting Jedi Master :thumbsup:

How completely ADORABLE!! :thumbsup:

Ok - there’s baby bear, mama bear… where’s papa bear?

Seriously - love the sweaters!

:heart: :heart: [color=blue][/color]!! CUTE !! :heart: :heart: