One or two vertical stripes

I’ve been on a sock-making kick lately, and mostly I’ve been improvising my patterns. It’s worked out pretty well for me so far, but I have this one pair I’d like to make for my nephew, and I can’t figure out how to make it work.

The end result I’m going for is a mostly solid colored sock with two wide vertical stripes going up the side of the leg, like racing stripes.

How would I go about getting that effect? Most stripe tutorials are for horizontal stripes, and the few I’ve found for vertical assume that you want the whole piece done in stripes, and involve either a double-knitting sort of approach or some serious stranding, which won’t work for me since for a sock, I’ll be knitting in the round. (stranding across 90% of a row so you can knit two sets of three or four stitches sounds like a nightmare…)


Hi and welcome!
You might knit the socks sideways. There are patterns on Ravelry for doing that in different ways.

Intarsia in the round is possible too. I’ve not done it myself. It involves a wrap and turn or other short row hole hiding technique and working back and forth. I Googled and here’s my search results.

Now I’m thinking, how will I do this? rofl I hope to see your solution.