One Old FO

I made this Shrug a couple Months ago
not sure if I posted it or not

Very cute!

lovely! i :heart: red!

I love it! What pattern did you use? :heart:


Very pretty :slight_smile:

That looks great and it looks as if your daughter really likes it!

its the same anthropology inspired reversible winter caplet
but I make an increase at the inside of the 3 (or 4 or 5) stitches that are Knit on the Purl Rows (they make the garter edge)
the increases make the caplet a wrap, Kimono styl almost
for the one I made for me I made cufflink type buttons and just push them through the fabric to hold it in place
looks great


Oh! You’re good!

I love it! :heart:

It’s CUTE!!