One more time

I made one more dog sweater, this time as a Christmas present for my granddoggy, Marty, who is a yorkie too. I appreciate the courtesy of the model, Fortune, my own dog in allowing me to yank off his and put this one on, take pics then yank it back off and put his back onto him. The yarn is knitpicks Swish sport yarn in Semolina and Dusk. My husband especially likes it because it is US Navy colors. He wanted a big N on the collar, but I nixed that! lololol

Very Nice!
I just dont have the patience to do that type of pattern yet or the time. I have made some dog sweaters with the Knifty Knitter.

This is the second sweater I made with this pattern (see Fair isle sweater for Fortune here) and I really like the pattern. I had some issues with it when I knit the first one, but got a bit of help understanding what they wanted me to do then no problem. This is the 4th sweater I have done and I find it hard to get free patterns that I like. I like 1 piece patterns that are more like a tube than others I have seen. I guess I should invest in a dog sweater book! lol

Nonny, one more adorable dog sweater! Marty will be proud to wear Navy colors!:yay:

That is so pretty! What a nice gift!

Perfect model, perfect sweater. The pattern work in this sweater is lovely. A project well done!

Beautiful work on this, Nonny! The colors look good on your model, and I bet they’ll look really nice on the recipient, too.

Your color work is lovely and very inspiring. One of these days maybe mine will look half as good as yours!

Phooey, I am sure yours is just if not more beautiful. This was a challenge for me because I am left handed and knit left handed (not continental, full left handed) and as much as I tried, I couldn’t use any but my index finger to throw my yarn so I would wind both colors around my pinkie and then switch them back and forth on my index, which meant, every once in awhile I would have to “twirl” the work to unwind the two colors! lol Thank you for the lovely compliment though.

A beautiful sweater… love the colours, the pattern and the sweet little doggie modelling it… :slight_smile:

Beautiful work! And such a gorgeous model!!!