One more (the last!) shrug ? : you don't purl when in round

right? And I thought I was almost there.

Well, Ingrid has got me through so much of this shrug from Interweave Magazine. Now I’m on to the beginning of the sleeves and this time I’m supposed to join in the round of course for the sleeve I get that. But they don’t mention that you should no longer purl on the wrong side. (I was not working in the round for the body although on circulars)

Their instructions don’t mention a change, to NOT purl now that we’re working in the round. So should I knit the wrong side?
grrrrrrrr Interweave Magazine should put Ingrid on staff…

When you work in the round, there is no wrong side that you have to work. You always work the right side, and for st st, you always knit. The inside is the ‘wrong’ side and the purls automatically happen.

If you were working in garter st in the round, you’d have to k one row, p one row.

Hi Ingrid! Well, yes I did know that part about working in the round.

It’s just that on this shrug pattern, their instructions have those symbols that say knit on right side, purl on wrong side
but they don’t specify to change when you start the sleeves and working in the round. They should have correct? So I’m supposeed to know to knit instead now…

You saw that pattern once… would you want to look at it again?
It’s here but maybe you don’t need to. Hope I’m not bothering you too much. If you want to look it’s

page 4 Flower Power Shrug

            THANK YOU!!!!!

Ok, I see what you’re saying. The empty square on the chart says knit on right side, correct? Since you’re always kntting on the right side now, those empty squares are knit. So every other row is now knit instead of purled.

Got it?

Bing! You’re brilliant INgrid, the way you answer so quickly especially. I can’t wait for this shrug to be OVER.
Next I’ll do something simple like a fair isle cardigan.