One more Sleeve Q. :)

Is it wise, or necessary, to do the sleeves the way the pattern tells you to do them? The pattern calls for knitting the sleeves separate then sewing them into the opening. I’m used to picking up the sts and knitting down to the cuff. That way I’m not stuck with extra sts that I have no where to put them since I’m not the greatest knitter and I have so many lumps and bumps. To me it hides the errors a little better to pick up the sts and go from there.

Should I do what the pattern tells me to do? Or is it okay to go crazy and do what (I think) will be an easier method for me?

Sure you can modify a pattern and knit it another way. As long as it comes out the way you want.

It’s fine to do it with sleeves where the top of the sleeve is a straight edge. If it’s a set-in sleeve, where the top of the sleeve curves around and has what’s called a “cap”, then it’s a bit trickier because you have to match edges which are [I]supposed[I] to be different lengths, and you fit in the “ease”. Unless you really know dress/shirt making, I wouldn’t try it in those circumstances.

You can pick up sts in a shaped armhole and use short rows to fit the cap in the curve.

One more quick question please…since I’m foregoing the sleeves to knit them on the sweater instead of sewing them in, I need to start seaming the shoulders to start the collar (it’s a different style collar) so the pattern on the sweater is k3, p2, cable 4, p2, k2 and repeat from there. I was trying to figure out how to seam them together since they are different sts. in order to get a smooth seam and have all the different sts line up together on the front and back. Both shoulders are already bound off, but I was thinking of making them live again and doing a kitchener st to close them, is that possible?

Or does the fact that the collar isn’t knit yet make that difficult because I have to seam the shoulders in order to knit up the collar?

You can join the shoulder sts however you want - seam, kitchener or 3 needle BO. The collar is usually knit after you join the shoulders so which method you use doesn’t really matter.