One more question

I know I’ve seen the topic on this but I can’t remember the end answer. On a stockingnette stitch when working in big stripes, changing to a different color, what side is the best to join the new yarn on so you don’t have that little line of new color showing through on the knit side (RS)?

Change to the new color on the knit side and you won’t get that line of color.

It doesn’t really matter which side you start your new colour on. There will be that little dotted line of the new colour on the wrong side, and a shiny new row of colour on the right side. At least, that’s been my experience. :?? The purl side is where the stitches hold onto each other, and the overlap causes the dotted line. I think. I’d better stop, I’m confusing myself…
Edit: Or you can just go with Jan’s advice and start your new colour on a knit row and save yourself the trouble. :teehee: