One more plea for help about my computer... not that difficult I promise

! Ha. I promise, I hate to ask for too much help about my computer coz I know a lot of you might get paid to do it.

I just renewed my Norton antivirus today and upgraded. My computer seems to be running faster already. My question is,
I was looking at all my programs (where you add or remove them) and what about all those UPDATES? Like I have 10 Java updates, and
20 or more Windows updates. Why do you (or don’t you) need Java update No. 1, then 2 3 7 , 8 , 11 etc? Can you delete all the earlier updates and just keep the latest one? My DH always says
don’t delete anything!!! but it seems to me ? duh

you would only need the latest update? Is that totally wrong thinking?

A big thanks if you know anything about this.!

I would not delete the updates, many later ones need things that are on the previous ones to work properly.


Oh, I wish you had not bought Norton! There are several GREAT anti-virus programs that are free and don’t take too much space on your computer. If you notice it getting slow, it will probably be because of Norton.

That said…

Usually with updates, such as Java, old versions will be uninstalled, and the newest one will replace it.

Windows updates need to stay put. Never delete any from add/remove programs. Microsoft puts out many security updates that don’t take the place of the ones that came before.

If you ever update other programs, such as Word or WordPerfect, and you notice that a previous version remained, you should be okay to uninstall. Don’t go in and just start deleting program files though. Just go through the add/remove programs feature.

Something else you should probably do is run a registry cleaner. Go to this website for a program I use at work. It is free and easy to use. Delete cookies and fix the registry. It’s wonderful!

Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions! I’m a computer tech IRL. :thumbsup:

Thanks both of you!

Nathalie! Shoot, I wish I had posted before purchasing Norton. Well, I’ve had it for 3 years or so. I always just got the basic $39.99 but then a few weeks ago my computer started getting slower and slower. I did disk clean up and cookies and all that… then my Norton ran out yesterday and I went an upgraded to their pro level, $59.99 because it said it would do extra things like find out why your computer is running slow!

Holy moly, of course I didn’t think it could be running slower because of Norton, but after I upgraded my computer did start running faster. But I read they have a good reputation?

I guess I’ll wait a year since I’ve paid then consider the free programs you’re talking about. One seems to figure free = not very good.

I already deleted a few old Java updates (I don’t even know what Java is, I guess I should find out) but thank goodness I didn’t delete the Windows updates. I just hate clutter. !

good old typewriters, used to be so nice and simple

Thanks again!

Thanks for asking this question. I’ve been wondering the same thing about the Windows security updates. Haven’t deleted any of them, but have been tempted and was thinking about it again lately.

You’re welcome beverly… isn’t it great there are some knowledgeable people here to answer this stuff!

Well VictoiseC, in most cases, you’re right, free usually means not very good. However, in a few cases, there are some very good open-sourced (read free) software packages that do quite a bit. For instance ClamWin is free, and is an antivirus/antispyware package.

Now a lot of people don’t like McAfee or Norton anymore, but if you have a question about software, please, post it, and I’m sure all the computer techs on this board would be willing to submit a good alternative to you.

Thanks Rorschach! That’s weird, people don’t like them anymore.
I have too little time to you know, investigate all these differences and what’s the latest best/hot/etc deal. I suppose I paid way too much but oh well…

I’m learning more and more however, coz I’m creating a blog centered on travel/eating in New York. It’s a lot of fun but once you put your toe in the water, geez, there’s thousands of things I haven’t heard of in the this computer world, yikes.

Thanks so much for the offer and tips! :hug: