One more "gifted" mitten question

Mitten instructions:

Now that I am clear on the 3 needle bind off, I’ve started a new pair and came across a question on the thumb. Basically, you fold the thumb in half and crochet it closed and then reinsert the loop remaining from crocheting back on the knitting needle to continue. The pattern doesn’t specify, but I’m thinking I should treat this as a seam (as with the 3 needle bind off) and put right sides together, and then, eventually, turn the thumb right side out.

On my first pair, the crocheted (sp?) seam is visible, and a little chunky. This simple, little pattern is showing me that I know nothing about finishing techniques!! :frog:


This sounds right to me, I don’t think you want the crochet seam to be on the outside.

The Knitters Book of Finishing Techniques is a very good resource for finishing techniques.

That does sound really chunky for a mitten seam. :?? An alternate way of seaming would be to cut your yarn leaving a long tail. Take a tapestry needle and run it through all remaining stitches of the thumb, pull snug, then seam up the side of the thumb.

That is how you close the hand of the mitten (I left an extra long cast-on to use on the side seam). I think the idea behind using crochet on the thumb is to end up with the extra loop to add back to your knitting. Actually, I was thinking that it would make a better seam to crochet the hand of the mitten together – less room for “holes.”

I was thinking of trying a mitten pattern from “The Knitters Handy Book of Patterns” using 2 circulars, but I wasn’t sure if the directions (which are for DPNS) would follow if I used 2 circulars.

I just got my set of Denise’s, and I want to make a lot of use of them, so I hate to start buying DPNS now! (I love the Denise’s, BTW!!)