One more--Fibo-Optic afghan

Ingrid, this afghan is so weird. Cool weird, but totally “Whoa”. It will be a real addition on a bed and a great conversation piece.

Thanks for the picture of the sugar glider. I also wondered what that was. Bird maybe? Nope, big eyed mammal. LOL Very cute.

that afgahn is amazing, you have done sucha a good job on it.
and whata fantastic site you got the pattern from. their designs are wonderfull.

As is usual, Ingrid, your work amazes! This is truly eye catching!
Thanks for the link, too! I appreciate your notes as well! Did you post it up on your Ravelry Projects Notebook, too? I’ll take a peek over there!

I did post it over there, and the designer contacted me and asked if she could put it over at WoollyThoughts in the gallery. Of course, I said yes. :happydance:She didn’t know when it would get up, though.

Ingrid, you’re a knitting machine!!! I love the blanket!

Definitely hip:thumbsup: , definitely whoa:oo: , definitely like it !! :yay:

That is so cool!

Wow, that is so totally funky!

Cool looking blanket!