One more--Fibo-Optic afghan

I got the pattern from this site–some of their afghans are off the hook! I used Encore and 3 shades of Mister Joe in grey to create the different shades. My daughter got this for Christmas–machine washable because of 2 cats, a dog, a rabbit, and some sugar gliders.

Whoa…I’m freakin’ out maaaaan.:zombie: :eyes: :whoosh:
That’s so cool.

That is amazing! Ingrid, you do the most incredible work! I really like the illusion of this.

Wow–that’s insane! Thanks for the link!

:shock:WOW my eyes hurt

This place looks great. Will keep me busy for the year.

Fantastic! I <3 their patterns!

Ingrid, :notworthy: as usual. Your work is amazing!

Wonderful !

Great site, but I’ve searched it over and can’t find that particular pattern. Could you please provide a direct link? Thanks much.

That is amazing.

:happydance: that is cool!!

Scroll down on this page. :thumbsup:

[CENTER][B]WOW! That is so cool! And so beautiful![/B]
[B]Can I ask, though, what the heck is a ‘sugar glider’?[/B][/CENTER]
For that matter, I wish somebody would post all those initials everybody uses because I have no idea what they mean, for instance, dd, and dh I think mean dear husband and dear daughter?
What do they all mean? :shrug:
THANX, sue We have a whole thread on the abbreviations, since so many people are kind of :?? when they start out.

This is a sugar glider. They are almost like flying squirrels in that they have a web of skin between their front and back legs to glide to where they want to go. They’re very cute, but they’re nocturnal and noisy and smelly. :ick: She brought them with her a couple of years ago, and we let them loose in the bathroom for pics.

I fell in love with wooly thoughts when I first saw KristinaB’s Curve of Pursuit on Ravelry (pic below). I bought that pattern, plus Fibo-Optic, Double Vision, Amazement, and Making Waves. There are so many more I want! I haven’t made any yet because I want them to be perfect. I think I have enough Malabrigo in Frank Ochre and Rhodesian for Making Waves, and I’ll probably start it after I finish the Noro log cabin blanket I am making for my mom.

As for my first love, Curve of Pursuit, now that I’ve realized how much of her own discretion KristinaB used for her version (original has only 2 colors!), I’m totally intimidated.

That is amazing! [I] puts this blanket on the list for sure[/I]

Wow … that is SO COOL!!!

That’s stunning! :passedout:

Ingrid, THANK YOU for the information on the Sugar Glider’s! I’ve never, ever seen one of those before, where do they come from?!

And thank you for the link about the other stuff too…now I’ll know what a dd etc. is!