One more baby gift finished

My friend knows that she is having a little girl late spring…

I used plain ole acrylic… I don’t know the brand- it was part of a skein that I’ve had forever and the paper band was no longer w/ the yarn.
The color: A soft lavender- no matter what it looks like in the photo! :smiley:

The pattern is from the book: [U]The Elegant Knitter[/U] and the name of the pattern is: A Soft Baby Hat
I had to make some adjustments- because it became clear that my yarn was a little thicker than what they had used in their pattern…

Very cute.

Very cute. I love the yarn :slight_smile:

Thank you… I wish that I had something to model hats on… maybe I should find a balloon?? Since, I don’t know a baby… :teehee:

It’s adorable!!

That is just adorable - great color!

awwww, that’s so cute! good job! :happydance: that’s very pretty! that’s going to be one lucky mom and baby! :notworthy: I bow down to you!!!

very cute! I love the ruffly edge.

:happydance: aww how cute!! Great job!

very cute!!

That is just adorable! Whatever baby wears that is going to be one happy child! Nice job :thumbsup:


HERE’S another view of the baby hat…

Fun hat! I’ve used balloons before. You can even put faces on them. :slight_smile: I’ve also used a dry gourd I have. Made a pretty good head. lol

What a cute hat! Nicely done! :slight_smile: