One little knitter sitting on the couch

One little knitter sitting on the couch,
along came a child who said please teach me!
Mama bought her needles and a skein of yarn,
now there’s two little knitters sitting on the couch!

(loosely to the tune of Five Little Monkeys)

Just thought I’d share - my daughter Sarah, age 10, has been practicing casting on for a couple days and today I showed her how to knit. She picked it up pretty quickly :slight_smile:

So now I’m envisioning teaching my other two girls when they get a little older and we’ll all hang out together knitting…

wonder if I can convince my son to try knitting?

I’ll bet you can! My ds has already asked me to teach him. But he is 7, so I think I’ll wait a while yet. I hope he continues to be interested!

I was about your daughter’s age when I first learned and I loved it. Both my grandsons have given it a shot, so your son might want to be included in the fun, too.

My 10 year-old dd knits, too–I taught her at age 8. The spell comes & goes with her…my ds is sooooo not interested, LOL.

Both of my nephews (9 and 11) asked me to teach them when they were here for a visit this summer. They did pretty well, even the left hander!

How fun that your daughter is learning! :cheering:

My daughter’s both knit with me and we love doing knit nights out.


Mama Bear