One last try! About ready to chuck the whole thing!

I just can’t wrap my head around what they want me to do! Hope someone can help me with this!

I’ve circled the part I don’t understand! It’s the AT THE SAME TIME that’s got me stumped. I just can’t figure out what they want me to do! Any one come across this before?

What set of figures are you doing?

This is a open front vest I am knitting. Found on Pinterest. It’s called Lace Rib Vest by Premier Yarns. I’m making the large one.

What is ssk?

slip,slip, knit

I understand about keeping pattern correct by knitting odd stitches.

I understand the first row -1 decrease as clear with the instructions, second row fine, 3rd row cannot see anything to give a decrease other than ssk which unless it is slip stitch pass over knit?

However if you understand that bit at the same time is as you are repeating the first bit as soon as it reaches the same as the shoulder shaping you do the at the same time bit and then either rows 1-3 or 4 (can’t see how many rows it was when typing) as you were previously doing. That’s how I would tackle it

I think that 3rd row might be a typo. Because you appear to only loose 1 stitch. I would work backwards from the end and see if you have enough stitches on needle. Hope this helps

SSK stands for Slip, Slip, Knit which might be misleading. It is a left leaning decrease. First you slip knit wise the two stitches over to the right needle. Then you insert the left needle into both of them by following the tip of the right needle and then you wrap the yarn around the right needle and finish the decrease. It is the same decrease as SKP (Slip, Knit, Pass slipped stitch over). There are plenty of videos on youtube on how to do SSK.

Thanks for your help, Nanny189!

I just checked the pattern and if you look at the right front decrease you can see that defo typo for left.

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The k2tog is a right leaning decrease while the ssk is a left leaning decrease. If you want the decreases to follow the line of the front shaping, work a ssk on the right front for all neckline decreases and work a k2tog for all neckline decreases on the left front.
(Left front is left as you would wear this very pretty vest.)

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