one help in the pattern please ...

Good evening, I’m trying to make a doll in the loom “knifty knitter” 24 pegs, but I came across a row where it says: “Row 37: K1, K2tog 5times, K6”.

What I did was I had to do an e-wrap on peg 1, then move one peg to the next, in the next 4 pegs, ie a total of 10 pegs would have 5 (decrease)
If that’s what the pattern says, by appearing K6? Could you help me please?

I am completely blocked and can not do at all the rest of the pattern. Thank you very much!

FYI - The majority here use 2 needles to knit so you may have to wait a bit for an answer.

What pattern are you making? Can you give us a link or the name of the pattern?

It sounds like you should knit peg 1, move one peg to the next for the next 10 pegs then knit the next 6 pegs. It would take you from 17sts to 12sts.