One FO, one WIP

FO - Toe up socks made following Silver’s tut for 2 circs!

What is that fuzzy blackness under my socks, you ask?
It’s my baby dog, Marley, getting his belly rubbed.

WIP - Hemlock ring blanket barely begun

The socks look great!! :happydance:

I can’t wait to see the blanket…that has been on my to do list for sometime… what type of yarn are you using? :thumbsup: looking good!!

Blanket is Bernat’s Berella “4” in a lovely sage.

Excellent! :yay:

[COLOR=“Lime”][B][COLOR=“Red”]Cute socks![/COLOR][/B][/COLOR]

LOL You rub your dog like I do! Nice work!

Oh, pretty! I love them all! (puppy too!)

Where did you get the blanket pattern, btw?

Hemlock Ring throw, click here!

they look great. i can’t wait to see more of the blanket!!

They look great. :thumbsup: