One FO and one WIP

I finally finished the hat to go with the scarf I finished last week for my 12 yr old. It was my first project using circs and MAN I have to say I LOVE them!!! They really made the hat look better and go a lot faster it seemed.

Anyway here is the hat, I made it with the LB Wool-Ease thick and quick in Claret on size 13 16" circs. I didn’t really follow a pattern, I just did k2p2 until it looked like enough and then just did the rest in st st

in progress

all done… its on my head but you get the idea

My WIP is leg warmers for my 78 yr old g-ma. She is always wears dresses and in the winter her legs are always cold in the winter. So I am making her a pair of leg warmers. I have one done and need to start the other one.

The yarn… I can’t remember, its just some inexpensive yarn I found at Walmart. I am using size 8 needles and doing a k2p2 pattern that I found

Great hat. :cheering:
Love the legwarmers. Your g-ma might have to wear them with a ripped sweatshirt a la “Flashdance”!


Very nice.

The hat looks like it’ll keep D’s head nice and toasty in that Alaska snow.

and the legwarmer looks purdy. Anyway to get a picture of you Gma WEARING them???

:thinking: Hhhmmm that would be nice huh… but I doubt it will happen. I may ask my aunt to see if she could take a pic of her in them.

I love the leg warmers–is there a pattern you’re using or are you just winging it? My neice is very into dance and she’d die for a pair of handmade leg warmers!

I just looked at all of them on Pattern Central and found one that looked easy enough

Here is a page of all the leg warmers

I really like that hat color.

Lovely colors in your work! And it’s very NICE work, too!! :thumbsup:

Great job…lovin’ both of them!! I love leg warmers :wink: