One-dimensional (flat) knitted ornaments

Anyone have any free patterns for one-dimensional or flat knitted ornaments? I’d like to knit up a couple as bag tags to add a little homemade flair to each package. I’ve sewed prim, scented gingerbread men for the larger boxes, but would like to knit some smaller ornaments for the smaller boxes or bags.

Thanks in advance! :notworthy:

Last year my aunt went on a felting rampage at Christmas. She knit a bunch of different colored squares or rectangles, felted them and used cookie cutters as shapes to cut out adorable ornaments. She made stars, trees, reindeer, wreaths, etc. On a few she added glitter and other embellishments. But most she just punched a ribbon through the top.

Felting and cutting them out is a great idea.

Here’s a few others I found.

I think these are flat, but not positive.

No picture, but they are knit flat. Maybe a fun surprise. :teehee:

There might be something on the new Knitty [U][COLOR=#810081][/COLOR][/U] but I’m having problems bringing up most of the pages from their links.
ETA: Nope. Sorry. Now that I can get the patterns to load, I see that what I thought might be ornaments are NOT ornaments! :wink: