One Cable Mitts

I had search high and low for a fingerless mitt pattern with a thumb. I found this one - [B][U]One Cable Mitts[/U][/B] from Blue Alpaca and now am addicted, working on my third pair! :woot:

This is a free pattern on Ravelry - hope it is ok to add the link.

Those are pretty! :inlove:

Thanks very much for the link. Those are great looking mitts!

Welcome, I was hoping it was ok to add the link. As it was a free pattern I did not think I would be breaking any copyright rules. :slight_smile:

Those are cute, really very nice. I love my fingerless mitts and have to make more. As for links, they’re great. Sometimes I want to use the pattern linked to and sometimes I want to use an element from it so I’m glad when links are included.

Adding some fingers on them, they would make an awesome pair of gloves that would make a great gift for a sister or girlfriend.

I agree. BUT how do you know how many stitches to use for each finger. Thumbs I’m good with, fingers not so much. Still trying to get them done to my liking.

What is the total number of stitches in the pattern? To find the number of stitches , divide by 4 and that should give you a figure to start with for the fingers. Pinky finger doesn’t need the same number of stitches as the other stitches. so take the excess stitches from pinky and divide between the three fingers.In the pattern I provided at Knitting paradise, the man’s pattern had 10 stitches from front needle , casted on 2 for gusset, and 10 stitches from back needle for a total of 22 stitches for the first finger or index finger. The second finger gets 8 stitches from back needle, cast on 2 for gusset, 8 stitches from front needle and pick up 2 stitches from base of first finger for a total of 20 stitches. 3rd finger gets 7 stitches from back needle, 2 for gusset cast on, 7 stitches from front needle and picks up 2 from base of 2nd finger for gusset for a total of 18 stitches. Pinky finger gets 6 from back needle , 6 stitches from front needle and picks up 3 stitches from base of 3rd finger for a total of 15 stitches. This is with sock yarn, With worsted weights, the numbers are different. Hope this helps.