One beautiful skein of Mmmmmmmmalabrigo in Hollyhock

what to do with it? :thinking:

Oh thats beautiful…I just love the colors. What are you making with it? :XX:

:inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

One skein, oh dear…you could make a bag, as Mmmmmmalabrigo felts like a dream, into a wonderfully soft, sturdy fabric. One skein is anough for a Sophie or a wee Lucy (60-70 sts around or so).

Or a hat & wrist warmers…or a scarf…anything next to the skin, it’s so so so wonderful :inlove:

:heart: Yummy :heart: I love that yarn, The color is beautiful. It would make a great scarf.

:thinking: You could always make a pair of nice upper-elbow gaunlets for me…hehe

You could wrap it up nicely and send it to me!!! :wink:

Well, I can send you a self addressed stamped envelop for you to drop off at the post office :wink: