One ball of mohair is enough?

I have one ball of mohair Ingenia Print ( Katia ) The gauge is 16 sts/4 inches using needles 8/9 USA- 153 yards. Do you think it is possible to knit a pair of mittens or fingerless mittens with only 1 ball ?

References for patterns will be very appreciated.


I’m sorry to say that I don’t think it’s enough…perhaps some wrist warmers? You can find several patterns here.

did you have a base you were going to use with that too? i would think that the mohair by itself wouldn’t be heavy enough for mittens. i don’t know that i have actually looked at that yarn in person though, so i couldn’t be sure of that. :thinking:

What about this pattern ?

Here is a link with the information for the Katia yarn.

I am a novice so it is difficult for me to know if the pattern is suitable for the yarn I have.

Thank you for hour help.

yeah i was looking at those pictures and it made me think that it is one with a super thin base. if you look at this picture it will give you an idea of how thin that yarn knits up by itself (it isn’t the exact yarn but i think it would be a pretty good representation.) you can use them for gloves or fingerless mitts, i just think you will want to have a worsted or DK (like the knitty pattern mentions) yarn that compliments it so your mitts will have some weight to them. i do love using mohair as a compliment in gloves though because it makes them delightfully fuzzy! :thumbsup:

My mother in law uses mohair all the time. Speaking from experience (I have several afghans in mohair) I don’t know how well it would work for mittens if used alone. It is undeniably fickle in that it rips and tears very easy. I can’t count the number of times I’ve put a whole right through the mohair. sigh Much to my MIL’s dismay…

After giving it a serious thought :?? I think I will knit a scarf !

Many thanks to all of you !