Once again, need pat deciphering

Hi everyone…STUCK IN THE HOUSE DURING AN ICE STORM…:biting: and decided to try a “shrug” pat…it’s designed for an adult but I am using small needles and small yarn…anyway starting with 30sts, please tell me how I end up with 48: [B] Shape sides:inc 1 st each end of NEXT and foll 6th rows 4 times more, then on 8th row 4times more…:chair:[/B] Thanks Cheley

ok so you have 30sts…
Next row you will inc on each end (32 sts)
[COLOR=red]You will then knit 5 rows and on your 6th row do the increase again (34sts)[/COLOR]

You will do the above in red 3 more times (40 sts)

[COLOR=purple]Then you will knit 7 rows and on the 8th increase[/COLOR] (42sts)

You will repeat the above in purple 3 more times (48sts)


:muah: thanks sooo much, :flirt: still not an intermediate knitter…:aww:

Please tell me how in the h-ll I would have known that? Do I need a frickin slide rule or what?

Nope, but it sometimes helps to put it down on paper. You don’t have to write out the whole pattern, just –

1 - inc row
2 ws row
3 rs row
4 ws row
5 rs row
6 ws row
7 inc row

Or whatever you need to do to figure it out.

Thanks, I did!!! What “threw me” is I have never seen a knit pat written like a crochet pattern (4 more times) anyway got it now…By the way When you work a rib pat ,then you start a rev st pat, begining with a p row, what side (WS or RS) do you beg your p row on? I"ve ripped that out about 29 times cause the rev st pattern does not look right too me…Need to do 4 rows of rev st, then start the “shaping”…working the rev st with increases…Thanks alot Cheley

A lot of knit patterns are written as above.

I’m not sure what you mean by `rev st pattern’ - reverse of the RS? If it’s a basic rib, not broken rib or anything, then on the other side as you look at each st, you knit the knit sts, and purl the purl sts. If that’s not what you mean, then maybe you could provide more info on the pattern.

This is really the “first” intermediate pat I’ve tried…so is it safe to say that most advanced patterns are written this way? The rev st pat is Reverse Stockinette Stitch…I know that you k the p’s and p the k’s. The pat says start with a P row I’m only doing 4rws, then starting the “shaping” continuing in Reverse Stock Stitch…So the “bumps” should appear on the RS…right? Thanks Suzeeq…:hug:

Oh yes, on a rev st st, the purl bumps are on the RS. And I wouldn’t say that `advanced’ patterns are written that way any more than any others. It’s a fairly standard way of writing how to do increase rows, but not the only one; it depends on the pattern designer, what they’re used to.