Once again, my button hole dilema

Ok, so i’ve tried several button hole methods and I always end up with the same problem…I get an extra “hole”, or gap, right outside one of the button hole corners. I’ve figured out now where its happening… it all starts at the beginning. I bring the yarn to the front, slip the first stitch, then bring the yarn to the back. Then its time to start binding off for the button hole. Everything goes fine until I’m knitting the next row, the one on top of the button hole
The gap I’m getting is the space between the first slipped stitch (The one that the yarn “wraps around” at the beginning) and the next stitch. No matter how tight I knit those stitches, the gap is always there. Is it because that first stitch gets slipped and not knitted, and therefore has to stretch a bit further up? Is it because the stitch thats normally next to it was cast off at the beginning of the buttong hole? Does this make sense at all? That little gap is driving me crazy!!!


I looked this up in my Knitter’s Book of Finishing Techniques. She says that the ‘original’ way of making a buttonhole leaves a small gap at the right end.

This is her revised way:

Cast on three more stitches than you bound off. Turn the work. Slip the first stitch on the left needle over to the right needle and pass the extra cast-on stitch on the right needle over to close the buttonhole. Finish the row. On the next row, work to one stitch before the cast-on stitches of the buttonhole, purl two together if the stitch is to be a purl, or knit two together if it is to be a knit, work to last stitch of cast-on stitches and work slip, slip, purl if stitch is to be a purl, or slip, slip, knit if stitch is to be a knit. finish row. The extra step of knitting or purling the stitches together at the beginning and end of the cast-on stitches helps to close up the gaps and clean up the corners of the buttonhole.

[b][size=7][/size]THANK YOU INGRID!!! :cheering: :cheering:

[size=3][/size]This is the answer I’ve been looking for ! I can’t wait to try it out!!!