ON topic - overdue library book!

:roflhard: True, true

Roll a joint

You know, if you’ve used it that much, you can certainly justify the cost… :teehee:

At my library, if you over 2 weeks overdue, you have to buy the book. I once kept a book, just so I could by it. (That was only once, though.)

This is yet another reason I am glad we moved out of the big city. Out here in BFE Montana they give you a ring and ask if you want them to renew your stuff. Back in KC, I should have had a benefactors plaque on the wall. In fact, when I would enter the overdue fine check in our Microsoft Money program, I would enter it under charitable contributions. :doh:

Usually if you go in and say it’s lost, they won’t charge you the late fees and just the administrative fee and cost of the book.

Here’s the link to the book I kept too long:

I’m gonna add it to my wish list now!