ON topic - overdue library book!

Oh, yes! It is ON topic!

I checked out an encyclopedia of knitted stitches from the library, and I’ve had it sooooo long that I have exceeded the longest overdue time allowed! I need to go pay my fine, but I don’t want to give up the book! Help!



You “lost” it and pay for another? :teehee:

Could you have bought the book for what the fine is? :teehee:

I used to work in a library (for about 4 years, and I’d love to work there again, and maybe even get a degree in Library Science). There have been quite a few beyond over due books, as well as the famous “my dog/cat/pet/child” chewed the corner, the “flood” books (bathtub victims).

So I’m curious, how long has your book been out?? :slight_smile:

I’ve had the book for OVER a MONTH!!

Fortunately, I live where the maximum fine is only $1. BUT, if you don’t pay up, before long, they send you a bill for the cost of the book. You are required to replace it for the library.

I’ve heard that in some locations, keeping library materials is “posession of stolen property” after a certain length of time. If you get pulled over for a speeding ticket, say, they can run your ID, find out about the library fine, and take you to jail for the overdue book!!

Good thing I don’t speed, huh? :eyebrow:


:passedout: It’s 25 cents a day here!

Why don’t you just renew it and check it out again? :shrug:

A $1.00 max fine. Wow, that’s cheap considering where I worked and other libraries I’ve seen! We used to charge $1.00 for overdue dvds/videos, it would be $0.10 for books, and then $0.25 for cds & books on tape/cd.

Where I used to work, we’d charge someone for the book after sending them out 3 “warnings” or reminders that theire book(s) were over due. After about 7 months we’d send the bill for the cost of the book. We were never quite as bad as the stolen property though!!! :rofl:

at our library you can reserve books on line. so, I’d return it, then RUN to the public computer and reserve it so no one else can check it out again. ha ha.

(not that I’ve done that before or anything…)

Our library is great and has pulled knitting books from all over the county for me. that way I can really look at a book before I decide to buy it.

:passedout: It’s 25 cents a day here![/quote]

Ours is 10 cents. But I’ve lived where it’s $1 plus a quarter for each item.

If you think you will use it, look for it online, maybe used, at amazon, half.com or powells.com


I’ve got some knitty library books out…I’d better keep a close eye on the due date! :teehee:

I just want you to know that you are DENYING some other knitter of the priviledge of that book. Isn’t there something in knitting… first do no harm? Oh wait.


Just kidding.

I worked in libraries for a long time and most will allow you to renew the book once you have paid the fine as long as no one else has put a hold on it. You are not the only person ever to have a book that much overdue so don’t worry too much about it but the longer you put it off the harder it is.

Lost and long overdue books are a serious problem for most libraries and that is leading them to take more and more extreme measures to ensure that books are returned. I worked at a university library and we used to put holds on student records. Students couldn’t register (or get transcripts if they had graduated) without clearing their library fines.

At my college, you couldn’t GRADUATE if you didn’t return your books and pay your fines.

Oh, the guilt, the shame!! :oops: :oops: :oops:

To answer another post: I tried renewing it, but I was too overdue for that.

[size=1]must buy that book, must buy that book[/size]

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I’ve been on both sides. I’ve worked in libraries where we had .15/day fines, capped at $5/item, but NOT capped for # of items, so I’ve seen accounts with 100s in fines, even $750, because after a VERY long time (over a year, I think) the library considers an item lost/stolen and replacement cost is charged to the account. $25 + $5 administrative fee x 20 or 30 books = Big fine.

I have also paid more in fines than an item was worth (paperback = $3.99 cover price, $5 max fine… :stuck_out_tongue: )

Consider that many home organization shows say “Just toss all your old books, after all the library has them all!” and then books which are out-of-print (which can happen very quickly, only a couple of years sometimes) are only available at the library. Oops, you want it but can’t buy it new? Just say you “lost” it, and keep it for the replacement cost! If libraries charged the going rate on eBay, abebooks.com, or other rare book search sites for some of their “lost” items, there would be a much higher return rate of lost items by patrons. There is a huge problem at libraries losing rare books that nobody (except the thief) knew were valuable. Now only one person has access to it, and the library can’t replace it, as it’s out-of-print.

Can’t you check and see if you can get it used from Amazon or B&N’s used section? I’ve had really good luck on there before. Then, you have the book, for a reduced price, with a degree of security from the online bookseller backing, and no more guilt!

Better yet, try your LYS, often they sell used knitting books. It wouldn’t be cheap, but you would be supporting your LYS and keeping them in business to feed your yarn habit.

I can find/renew/request library books online. As long as no one else has requested the book, you can keep renewing it. No fines!


“Amazon is my friend…Amazon is my friend…”


I am going to try to find that book or one like it at Amazon, and put it on my wish list. That should do the trick! :happydance:


Why not go ahead and buy it? You’re practically buying it now. :teehee: