On the topic of Spring

I’ll be up in Tennessee next week and DH wants to visit the Biltmore House in Asheville about an hour away. I’d kind of like to go only if the tulips are in bloom and the flowers are out. I checked the weather channel and it said snow on Monday in East Tennessee. Will there be flowers in Asheville, NC or will they be a.) dead from freeze or b. not out yet?
Anybody live around there? Help.

I’m in VA and I’ve got daffodils, but now tulips yet. I don’t think they will peak for another few weeks. Can you find an information line for Biltmore to see when they expect things to be in bloom?

I’m going to call them. Their website says the Spring Flower festival starts April 5th but knowing how Mother Nature works she could be early or late. I might gauge it by how our stuff is doing in Tennessee too, if we don’t have anything blooming chances are they won’t either. I was just hoping someone lived in the area and could give me a heads up.

It’s supposed to snow in the mountains of NC this weekend. I live in the foothills and we have daffodils but i haven’t seen any tulips. I think you should still consider going the house and grounds are beautiful even without all the flowers in bloom.

Stitchwitch — even if there are no flowers, you must go!!! I was at Biltmore a few years ago, when we got evacuated from NC due to the hurricane that is where we went, and it was fantastic!! Except for the fact I was sun burned to a crisp from our few days at the beach and miserable, I was still totally wowed by the mansion. I believe there are some green house areas that would have flowers… it is a wonderful tour of the house. It is really beautiful! We also toured the winery, tasted some great wine. I am not a wine person, but theirs was really good. We also had dinner in the restaurant, and it was sooo good! We even splurged and spent the nite at the hotel on the grounds. The bed was so soft and fluffy, I felt like I was sleeping on a cloud! But anywho. Even without the flowers, I am sure you would have a great time!

I’ve been there something like six times already. I’m moderately enthused about going but I’ll probably go even if the flowers aren’t in bloom. I know DH likes it alot so what the heck. Thanks all!:muah: