CBS the show Sunday Morning an interviewer said earlier that he hated scratchy home made sweaters. Anyhow, there was contact from Ravelry etc…all ended well…they knit a lovely sweater for that interviewer. A 10 year old boy is also interviewed as he got bored watching t.v. and started knitting a scarf and loves it. His mom was a knitter and he watched her and said it looked interesting.

Wow! I wish I would have seen that. Alas, I was trying to get some sleep thanks to puppies and dogs and grouchy husbands.

maybe you can view it on line…CBS Sunday Morning

Here’s the link to that …

He said next he’ll insult BMWs. Where can I get onto a radio show to insult a brand new fridge? LOL

At least he learned something from it. And that was a knock-out sweater they knitted him.

Not to bash BMWs, just the douchey guy in my neighborhood who drives one. He drives a BMW and has a vanity plate that says BMW, just in case you couldn’t figure out it was a BMW by looking at the car.

How funny! I am glad Ravelry was able to bring him around to the “dark side.” :woot:


Just shows to go ya! Nothing like ignorance, a paycheck and oppositon to promote learning!!! I commend Mo for his attempts. Wow! With everything I don’t know I’m certainly a candidate for my own talk show. Nah! I’d rather write. Jean

Why is it if I said homemade sweaters are itchy nobody knits me a merino sweater? They just tell me to stop using Super Saver.