? on raglan sweater

Hello all. I am (have been) attempting the Incredible Custom Fit Raglan Sweater for a while. I am stuck at the part where it says “[B]The center-front stitches are then cast on all at once, completing the circle[/B].” I am trying to do a cardigan, so at the bottom it gives some suggestions like not joining after the neck, however, how would I go about casting on the center front? Do I do it at the beginning and end? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch.

I was hoping someone else would take this one on, because I’m not sure. But I think that I would cast on half of the front stitches at the end of one row, half at the end of the other. The difference of one row shouldn’t be noticeable, and sort of matches how bind-offs happen (since you can’t bind off at the end of a row) if you were working from the bottom up.

The pattern gives directions for a cardigan down at the bottom.

I am aware of the cardigan instructions at the end of the pattern, however, it does not say how to cast on the “rest of the stitches”

It is rather vague, especially since for the crew neck you would be starting the “center” stitches off center and joining them to the other, off center, side.

Anyway, I think like BillSpace says, add half your center stitches to the end of one row, work your way back and add the other half to the end of that row.

It says to add 6 stitches to the front neck for a steek for the entire sweater.

Or, you don’t join the neck stitches and then work back and forth for the entire sweater.

ETA–I think the number of stitches you add for the front is what’s left in your calculations after the neck is complete.



Ingrid - You do use what’s left of your calcs for the center stitches, but I think Hunie’s problem is the placement of the center stitches and how to get a break in the very center. If you picture your neck like a clock and your nose is 12 and your ears are 3 and 6, the center stitches are starting at 10 and getting joined at 2 if you follow the crew neck directions. So wouldn’t you need to divide those up on each side so you have a centered opening for your zipper or buttons?

You didn’t post this line Ingrid wrote: “It says to add 6 stitches to the front neck for a steek for the entire sweater.”

What that means is you would cast on all stitches for the front neck and knit it like a pullover, then when you’re done, cut between those 6 sts (steeking) to separate for a cardigan.

That was just for if you were steeking, Sue, and I don’t think Hunie is steeking, so I just omitted it. The rest of what I quoted from Ingrid is the second suggestion for making the pullover into a cardigan (the part where you don’t join your stitches and work back and forth) and that’s where Hunie is having the difficulty.

Okay, I misunderstood.

I didn’t look at the pattern in that much detail. This is the kind of thing I’d probably just start knitting and deal with things as I went along. I’ll have to look more closely at it. I plan to use the site, so maybe I should look at it.

Yes, and then YOU would just boldly steek it, while the rest of us quiver in our boots with trepidation at the thought of SCISSORS and KNITTING in the same sentence, LOL.

Lol. Yes…just hearing the word “steeking” made me sweat!! Seeing I am still getting the hang of raglans, id much rather just not join.

I just tried the end of row cast on and so far so good! I cant notice a difference much. Thanks for ALL the lovely help, and apologies for any confusion!

I appreciate it all. Now my son will be warm and toasty…in the summer. :smiley: