On needles now:

stripey sweater to use up leftovers. back and right front done, left front half-way. sleeves might have a cable up the centre. not sure yet.

hot fuschia wool blend. six 100g balls. vest with cables. just started, might have buttons up front, might not.

cream cotton blend, boat neck, 3/4 sleeves, with a simple lace pattern. front half-way done.

just begun" funky self-striping socks. I’ll never buy socks again, now that I’ve learned to knit my own.

one small donkey, from the knit your own farm. I had done the rabbit, and put it in my milk box as a sort of summer themed decoration. (something i and a few other people in the building have been doing for at least 2 years.)
last week, some ***-hat stole my rabbit. :tap:
might do another one, might not.

I will finish at least one of these items before I begin another.

You are one busy knitter! Irritating about the rabbit. though.
I’m intrigued about the milk box. Do you get milk delivery? We used to but not in many years.

its an old building.