On My needles Now

Recently my daughter mentioned that one of her co-workers is expecting a baby in Nov.I had some yarn left over from knitting my new grandson’s sweaters so I casted on a baby blanket. One of the balls of yarn is slightly darker in color than all the others, I did not notice it while I was working with it. My daughter pointed it out after I showed her how much i had knitted since she had mentioned the co-worker. I am not going to unknit it because I would have to rip out over 15 inches just to get down to it. I am going to use it as an accent color It was a partial ball left over from grandson’s 12 month size sweater. It is Knit Picks Brava in the color Sky. All of the balls of yarn were bought at the same time and all were the same color when bought. This partial ball was the only one that darkened slightly but it didn’t do it until after I had finished the sweater for Hunter.

By the way here is Hunter in the newborn size I knitted with Knit Picks swish DK weight in the Marine color using the braided cable sweater pattern from whiteflowerneedle on You Tube

What a perfect baby and model! He’s absolutely adorable and the sweater is elegant. Congratulations all around.

that’s a GREAT sweater.

oh, and cute baby, too. :smiley:

I finished the blanket . Now I can move on to my white sock I started before the blanket.