On my needles at the moment

… I have LOADS of things!:knitting: :knitting: :knitting:

I’ve had an epiphany today that I need to finish the projects I’ve got almost complete before I start anything new (that’ll be the attention deficit knitting disorder kicking in! :teehee:). So I’m now back to knitting the sleeves of my V neck jumper in Noro Kureyon. Then I need to finish a crossover cardigan for my friend’s baby son (should have done that first actually - only got the edgeing on the fronts and neck to do) and a blanket that I designed myself.

I also have most of the bits of a Jean Greenhowe topsy-turvy doll made but the skirt seems to be taking an age to do! And I was going to make 3 of them! :doh: Maybe not now! I’ve also started making the Snowman toy (from Raymond Briggs’s story) for my son’s Xmas present.

I want to make a few other things before Xmas to give as presents so I better get cracking! I have (possibly) 2 more topsy-turvy dolls to make, a snowman, Preston the dog from Wallace & Gromit and a dinosaur! :passedout: What [I]have[/I] I let myself in for??? Still, it’s saving me money in the long run cuz I’ve got the wool and the time. Just need the motivation and the energy now! :teehee:

I always have a lot of things at once. I am 9 rows, binding off, and blocking away from being finished with the Adamas Shawl I’m making for my MIL’s birthday (10/5). I have 3 different scarves going, a stole, and I just started a pair of toe-up socks. I don’t have the right size of circs so I’m doing them on DPNs. Should be interesting! I only started them today. I also have a mindless garter stitch headband and a washcloth going that have been sitting there forever.

Oh, i am having a mass clear up of ALL otn right now.

I have a jacket for ds thats done except for sewing up the collar and tidying up
a scarf that i need to buy more yarn for as it was a stash one i ran out or yarn for
an austin bear that needs sewing up and stuffing etc
another austin bear that needs a very little more done to him to be finished
a blanket that needs loads doing
squares tat need finishing asap

im not doing so good at finishing them as i just havent had time to do any knitting really in the past week, ans not going to have in the next week. i must be done, i am not starting anything new until its finished, i am determind :teehee:

Hang in there! I just finished up several projects that have been
hanging around for awhile and I can’t tell you how nice it feels to
look at my knitting corner and see it looking empty! :slight_smile: And now,
I have the great joy of deliberating over what pattern to start
without feeling the slightest guilty twinge over those unfinished
projects! Woohoo! :slight_smile:


So far, I have the Summer Chevron from "More Big Girl Knits."
a pair of toe-up socks (somtimes I think I’ll never finish these)
An afghan, that’s stuffed in a trunk, because I don’t know if I want to frog or finish it.
Lace inserts for a pair of pillow cases (Christmas gift)
Wash clothes and Pot holders-these are finished, but I still need to line them (the potholders).
Always HAP rectangles.

Glad to see I’m not the only one! :teehee:

I’m working on the sleeves for my Noro jumper at the moment and it’s so tedious! The design has a larger ribbed section than you’d find on the average jumper and it’s all K1, P1 rib! Takes so long to get it done and it’s so boring! Have to increase every 8th row as well so to get up to the required number of stitches is taking ages!!! I’m not the fastest of knitters, but I’m not slow either. I have carpal tunnel syndrome though and even with my support gloves on it’s still a slog. :grrr: I’ll get there eventually though! At least when that’s done, I can sew it up and the neckline is then only a couple of rows of garter stitch (I hate picking up stitches though!) and then give it a wash and it’s all ready now the weather’s getting colder! Yay! :happydance:

Next thing to finish will be the baby cardigan but I may sneak in a bit of crochet between FOs! :roflhard:

OMG - I totally have oodles of projects sitting in my knitting bag… I pull out what I’m in the mood for. I’m so ADD, it’s pathetic. But I guess since I just enjoy knitting so much, I don’t sweat it too much. But, I do need to start finishing things and stop starting things… :slight_smile:

I am sooooooooooo tempted to make a beret right now. One of the girls on another forum I’m on said it only took her an hour to knit! So tempted as I have several hanks of Colinette Shimmer sitting in my stash!




Yeah, glad to see I’m not the only one either! :woot:

I have several mittens (okay, nine pairs) that I have to finish before Christmas, around five scarfs, couple of socks - oh, and a beret for me! :teehee: So not so many works, huh? :wink: And all those (except the beret) are going to be presents. Why, oh why do I always take too many works… Damn me… :rofl:


And all the time I get these images in my mind that I need to start new ones soon. So eventually I end up having all my needles in works.

Well, on Friday I “must” go to buy more yarn. :teehee: Oh, I’m dreaming of knitting long legged socks of Noro, and just for meeee… :happydance: