On My Honor

…after I finish gift knitting, I will finish my WIPs before I start anymore projects.

Shame on me…I just counted my WIPs and I am in shock. I have 7 no 8 projects that are unfinished. And I want to start more.

2-3 of them are gifts ,
1 - is my on-the-go project,
1 - is waiting for my new (old) sewing machine to get serviced before I can line it (the knitting is finished),
1 - I just got more yarn to finish and the others are just waiting for me o get inspired to pick up again, cause they seem neverending.
Then of course there is the thought I had today about making my DD a Caloremitry and fingerless gloves for Christmas.

Am I crazy? Or is this a “normal” thing to have so many WIPs. How do you stay interested in those projects that you really love in the picture, but are dull when it comes to knitting miles of the same 4 rows? :zombie: :thud:

You can find my projects on Rav - I’m luvmykid28 http://www.ravelry.com/projects/luvmykid28

I’d say it’s pretty normal to have various works in progress.I’ve never really heard of any knitter(unless they were just learning) that didn’t have at least 3 WIPs.

I usually have about 4-5 going but they do get finished at around the same time.I cycle through them.I do one then I get tired and move onto 2, then get tired and move onto 3 and so on.I also make sure to divide rows into a % done so I need to get around 10% done on one before I move on to the next so that I finish them all on the same cycle.I then start them in the same manner.I start 10% then cast on or another and do 10% of that and so on.Keeps my WIPs under control.

I give myself a break for Christmas.Christmas WIPs are completely different from casual ones as they’ve got a timeline, so I don’t work on anything that is not a gift until they are done.

not bad at all … if i didnt control myself id have 30 WIP. almost every time start a new project i get 4 or 5 new ideas about what id like to make … and that starts other projects … but i cant knit or crochet fast enough to keep up with my ideas… by the time i get back the the original projects im not as excited about them so i usually take them apart and start on something new … i have to really focus on finishing what i start or i would really never finish any thing unless it took a few hrs to get done.

so the question is…

does it count as a WIP if you have the yarn, pattern, and needles in a zip lock bag? :slight_smile:

there’s more than a couple loopholes! LOL

:roflhard: If that’s the case I’m in big trouble. :shifty:

No, I don’t think so. That just means the yarn is spoken for (I don’t actually put it all together i a bag.) I have projects on my project page that have 0% complete because I found the pattern and actually have the yarn I want to use and I arrnged them together so I won’t have to remember all the details. But that’s in my world.


so the question is…

does it count as a WIP if you have the yarn, pattern, and needles in a zip lock bag?

there’s more than a couple loopholes! LOL

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I have plastic tubs i keep my yarn in and it was ALL bought for a reason…just cant remember what for anymore on alot of it :shrug: :whoosh: