On-line video on attaching sleeves?

Hi. Not sure if this has been answered at one time or another here at knittinghelp. I’m finishing the pieces of a gorgeous sweater and am getting to the part where I have to put them together. I worked so hard on it, I want to get it right! I’m most concerned about setting in the sleeves.

Are there any on-line videos about attaching sleeves?

Or non-video diagrammed instructions?



I don’t know of any, unfortunately. Setting in sleeves is kind of a learn as you go thing. Many times, the stitches do not line up just right because of the shaping. It’s not like seaming up the sides of a sweater where there are usually the exact same number of rows on both sides.

However, what I do, and seems to really help a lot, is lay the two peices together, and pin them together keeping decreases matched with decreases as closely as you can, ending with the two ends of the sleeve in the arm pit area of the body. Carefully seam the two sides together between pins, keeping your stitches as evenly spaced as possible. Remove a pin, and continue.

This is a good article on seaming, although it’s exactly for sleeves. The best advice I can give is to take your time, and don’t stress too much. (I know, Yeah RIGHT!) Just keep in mind, the more seaming you’ll do, the better you’ll get at it. :wink:

Silver is a knitting GODDESS!

Silver you are a knitting Goddess, and thanks so much for your comforting reply. I say “comforting” b/c after trying to follow the directions from 10 different places about grafting and mattress stitches, I took out my trusty crochet hook and slip stitched all the end stitches together to bind the shoulders and sides. Worked pretty well. :thumbsup: I haven’t done the sleeves yet b/c I haven’t finished them, but that’s next. Meanwhile, I got a sneak peek at the body of the sweater and I love love love it. I have 2 out of town events coming up and I really want to wear it, so I have to get back to knitting!