ON KungFu scarf

My son is very much into KungFu–learning and teaching–so I wanted to make him something that involved that. He gave the boys shirts that had YinYangs and Mantis on them, so I started a scarf in the round with a mantis on one side and the yin yang on the other. I’ll do the same on the other end. I didn’t knit the intarsia in the round, I just joined when I finished the motifs.

It’s a little bumpy, but I haven’t done any adjusting on the back, yet.

It’s made with Plymouth Encore dk.

That is SO cool, Ingrid!! I’m sure that your son will love it!!

That is very cool!

I love that very cool…

OK - I dont know WHERE my head is this mornin, but the first time I read that, it said “YinYang on one side and MARTINIS on the other”. I looked at the scarf (AWESOME, btw!) and was like “What the h-e-double-hockeysticks kind of martinis is SHE drinkin???” :rollseyes: :oops:

Actually, I think the question should be what kind of martinis were YOU drinking! :roflhard:

ooh neato!!!

How cool Ingrid! You just make the coolest stuff. :inlove:

Or maybe what kind of martinis do I WISH I was drinkin!!! Freudian slip there!!

Ingrid…so very, very :sunglasses: cool :sunglasses: !! I LOVE it!!! You are so ingenious

Thanks everyone!


You are so talented!

Martinis… :roflhard:

Looks great Ingrid!

Thank you. If I didn’t have so much to do already, I’d knit up a martini for Kelly!

Oh Ingrid - that is sooooo cool!!! :slight_smile:

I love that mantis!! :heart:

I’m sure he’s going to LOVE it!!



Thanks! Every time I see your avatar, I picture it knitted!

Yes, eventually i will knit my little gothic hedgehog… just not sure how or on what yet!! :slight_smile:


That’s awesome Ingrid!

But, I have a question…
How do you knit so many things so quickly…
AND write so many posts at KH…
AND work?

Tell the truth… there are three of you, right?

WOW! Ingrid–that scarf is so cool–I know it’s gonna be a hit!! You should see if some yarn houses would like to buy the pattern!! :wink: